18 Jul

Add the Finishing Touch with a Wooden Coffee Table

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Putting together a living room or seating area that is a visual showplace demands attention to detail. Many people may get so bogged down in focusing attention on such concerns as the seating, colour schemes and art for the walls that coffee tables may get overlooked. Doing so, however, is a mistake. This piece of furniture serves as a centrepiece in most living rooms. In as much, a wooden coffee table serves as a finishing touch that can simply make or break a room’s appearance.


When the perfect wooden coffee table is selected, this piece of furniture serves as a visual focal point that ties a living room suite together. Here are just a few of the other reasons why selecting the style is important:


  • Bringing the room’s look together – A perfectly proportioned wooden coffee table serves to tie an entire room and its décor together. When making a selection, be certain to choose a table that fits not only the theme of the room and style of other furnishings but also the space. Wooden coffee tables should not dominate the area between a sofa and armchairs, for example, but they should draw the eye and be within convenient arm’s-length reach for those seated.


  • Providing convenience – Although often quite beautiful by design, coffee tables are meant to serve a purpose, as well. These tables serve to hold drinks for those seated in a living room, for example. They may also be desirable for holding reading materials and other important items. Make sure the design selected serves the intended purpose, as well. For high use areas where spills might be likely, stunning marble or glass top wooden coffee tables may serve best. In more formal settings, intricately designed solid wood designs may serve beautifully.


Completing the look of a living room or other seating area demands a very important finishing touch some may overlook. Wooden coffee tables pull a room’s décor together while offering serviceability in the process. When selecting a table for a particular space, consider appearance, size and most suitable purposes. Bespoke furniture craftsmen can create the ideal table for any space if readymade options do not suit personal style.


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