20 Jul

Bespoke Wooden Coffee Tables Latest Design Trends

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Sometimes it is difficult finding a coffee table design that fits your entire bedroom or living room setup. This is why designers would often resort to bespoke designs, which allow them to go beyond mass-produced pieces and off-the-shelf designs that simply won’t complement the space they are working on.

Below are some modern coffee table designs that you can take inspiration from when having your own piece made bespoke by your trusted manufacturer:


  • The Monticello – Designed by Porus Studio, the Monticello is inspired by the world’s largest drain hole of the same name. This contemporary center table consists of a circular wooden surface standing on 4 brass legs that is secured by a brass ring that goes around the table surface. A second circular disk of the same size rests on the table’s base creating a second table surface for added function. Originally made out of dark oak wood, this design is also great with other types of hard and soft wood.


  • The Fan – The fan is a British design classic. It can be seen in many bespoke dining chairs, stools, tables, and high-backs. The most prominent aspect of this design is the unique base, which consists of multiple metal or wooden bars attached to a circular ring base and tapers to the top, where the wooden table surface is placed. This versatile design has inspired many bespoke pieces because of its elegant simplicity.


  • The Nesting Coffee Table – Nesting coffee tables also enjoy great popularity. This design comes in a wide variety of configurations, the most common of which is the set of 2 table pieces, each with a round wooden base and a glass top. The larger piece features an open mouth so that the bottom table can fit inside—an excellent space saving feature that also allows you to pull out the bottom piece to create variety in your styling.

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