20 Jul

How to Choose a Perfect Round Marble Coffee Table

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Marble as a building material has been around for centuries. This mineral is made even more beautiful by its impurities, which causes the characteristic veins and swirls that blend perfectly with the crystalline formations within the marble. It is also because of these impurities that marble comes in a variety of colours, which make them ideal for use as decorative focal points and subtle accents to reinforce a room’s design and colour scheme. Marble is an incredibly stable material suitable for creating different types of home fixtures, ranging from kitchen countertops to dining tables and accent pieces. Marble coffee tables are also very popular and they come in every imaginable shape, size, and style. When selecting a marble coffee table for your own space, narrowing down your choices should best begin with function.


Furniture shape, size, and style often follow function. If for instance, you have a living room that is generally formal, featuring brocade arm chairs or Victorian-style furniture, then round marble coffee and end tables are excellent choices for accent pieces. Having glistening fabrics for drapes also create an inviting backdrop for a marble table, although this time, a rectangular piece with straight-lined legs might be a better choice.


Function also determines size and dimension options. Before shopping your supplier’s catalogues, draft your room floor plan to scale so you can estimate or determine the exact size of marble coffee table you need to purchase. Good furniture shops offer varied size and style options so you can mix and match pieces to achieve the design and colour scheme you desire. Your floor plan will guide you so you can gauge minimum and maximum dimensions for your coffee table. Marble coffee table styles vary widely so you can achieve any classic or edgy contemporary theme you wish for your space.

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