19 Jul

Decorating Your Home with Contemporary Bar Stools

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Fill your colors inside the lines – such an old school idea, especially when you are working on a project that has as much potential for creativity as home décor. Why follow strict guidelines? Why adhere to the rules? Why not decorate your personal space with whatever catches your fancy? THAT is the idea that you should bear in mind the next time you lay your eyes on a contemporary bar stool. Yes – A BAR STOOL – a fixture that has, quite deservedly, earned its place in almost every facet of interior décor! So go crazy and repurpose these useful little pieces of furniture to bring a cheeky new look to your home. Because when it comes to contemporary bar stools and stylish home décor, it is time you start thinking outside-the-bar (cheesy pun intended!)


Here are few ideas to get your creative juices flowing:


Contemporary bar stools – as a side table


This one is for all the bookworms out there who love to cozily snuggle up at their favorite spot in the house with a new book and a cup of steaming coffee. Imagine how easy your life would be if you had a contemporary bar stool right next to you, for use as a side table for keeping your book, a plate of snacks and that cuppa while you turn the page! The bar stool will become a lovely part of your routine AND a chic addition to your reading corner.


Contemporary bar stools – as a plant stand


THAT is the best part about contemporary bar stools – they can be easily used to place just about anything – like the beloved pots and plants in your garden. Or better yet, place two of these stools near a window with some space in between and you can balance a window planter on them! Unique, elegant and cost effective in every way.


Contemporary bar stools – as door-side storage


Keys, mobile chargers, mail, spare change – so many odds and ends that you would want to keep handy and safe near your home entryway so you can just grab them as you walk out the door. Why not store all this clutter in a shallow tray, placed on top of a contemporary bar stool near your door? Awesome, stylish and really practical!


The humble bar stool has come a long way from being a simple seating furniture – it is now a decoration piece that can be put to SO MANY stylish and practical uses around the house. So buy one for your place and let your creativity run wild and free!

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