20 Jul

Finding Good Quality Bespoke Wooden Furniture in London

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Finding the right piece of furniture to achieve the look and feel you want can be a challenge, but not when you familiarize yourself with tricks of the trade. Here are useful tips to guide you when purchasing custom, bespoke furniture for any home design project.


Look at designer pieces for inspiration. Custom furniture can be anything you want—the only limit is your imagination. If you want a successful bespoke furniture project, try recalling pieces that you have seen and absolutely loved in the past and taking notes on their design, applying aspects and components you need to your own bespoke piece. Seeking out new ideas will also make your design even more interesting and help you create something that meets every expectation.


Consider your budget. Having bespoke pieces made is not cheap, but there are companies and suppliers of bespoke wooden furniture that offer custom services at very reasonable rates. You only need to be mindful of whom you trust your design project with. It is also worth mentioning that many find custom furniture more practical than trying to find perfect-fitting ready-made pieces, which often end up too small or too big for the allotted space. This is exactly why more are turning to bespoke furniture, especially when dealing with irregularly shaped spaces.


Work closely with your supplier/manufacturer. More than discussing your desired look and functions as well as finalizing your required sizes and dimensions, it is also important to look at your supplier’s or manufacturer’s signature style. Their catalog can be telling of this aspect. By looking at their previous designs, you will be able to see what types of designs they work on the most. Their catalog will also reveal their strengths as well as their capacity to build certain types of pieces. This will help you decide whether or not they can truly create the design you want.

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