19 Jul

How to Get A Bespoke Armchair In The UK?

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Do you know something? Armchairs have stood for power in some cultures and have personified the reign of the rulers. Yeah, this is a bit of an archaic touch, but it signifies the importance of armchairs as a status symbol. Time has changed, but still, bespoke armchairs precede in style and comfort. After a long and hectic day at work, there’s nothing like sinking into a cosy armchair. There are many options available for armchairs that are modern in design, and stylish in look and feel. Whether you’re a big fan of mid-century modern pieces or desire to go for bespoke design, we are sure there will definitely be an armchair to ensemble both your style and space. This blog will take you to a quick tour on how you can get a bespoke armchair in the UK.


Choose the right fabric


With all the love and attention that an armchair is getting since so many years, choosing the right fabric becomes imperative for longevity and durability. Pick a fabric that suits your lifestyle. You can have one tailor-made or personalise it depending on the use – for instance, if you have pets, or want it for your library, the choice of the fabric will differ.


Get inspired with confidence


When picking a bespoke armchair in the UK, try experimenting with patterns and designs. Coordinate your armchair with cushion patterns, which will chime with your curtains and blinds. By doing this there will not be clashes in the interior décor of your room.


Try mix-matching


Show off your style by mix-matching a couple of dramatic effects to your bespoke armchair. This will give a unique asymmetry and exclusive appeal to your room.


Play with colour 


Take into account the colour combinations. Play with a rainbow of hues and find the perfect match for your bespoke armchair. Colours like black and white, blues, dusk and dawn theme can be used to get the scenery.


Although, there are many options to get the right bespoke armchair in the UK, while buying it online or going to a retail shop, consider the above-mentioned points to get yourself the perfect piece made.

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