20 Jul

Know Which Sofa Side Table Design is Right for You

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Any table you put beside a piece of furniture can serve as a side table. This bedroom and living room staple serves both decorative and functional purposes as they help balance the look of a space and at the same time provide an additional surface for setting down other bedroom essentials. Whether you want an accent piece or something that will completely blend with the rest of your furniture set, it is important that you know how to navigate your options so you can get the best bang for your buck. Below are some useful tips to help you know which side table design is right for your sofa or bed.


First of all, when you intend to use your side table with a sofa or chair, the height should be no lower than two inches below the seat arm. Standard sofa arms go for about 24 inches in height, so go for a side table that is about the same height or some 1 or 2 inches lower. For a chair or sofa with shorter arm, a table that is 16 to 20 inches high is a good fit, but if you want an entryway piece, go for a taller table between 27 and 30 inches.


Surface diameters and widths also vary widely, but 18 inches across is a good middle ground, if you want something functional. Anything smaller won’t be as functional. Go larger if you wish to place a table lamp on top of your side table.


Here’s a final tip: Side tables that are sleek and simple are often the best, especially when you already have a space with heavily upholstered pieces. The clean, sharp lines of your side table should balance out the softness of your other fixtures. Some excellent choices of material include glass, metal, acrylic, and wood with not that much carving. Go for an ornate piece only when the room needs it.

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