20 Jul

Parameters to be Considered When Designing a Bespoke Dining Table

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When having a dining table custom made, it is critical to remember that you are not only investing on looks, but more importantly on quality. A good rule to follow is matching your design with your kitchen cabinetry, perhaps even your living room furniture, if your kitchen and living room areas share adjacent spaces. Below are some things you should consider to when designing your bespoke dining table:


  • Ask yourself whether you want a traditional or a more contemporary look. It is quite easy to find design inspirations, regardless if you want a classic or a modern piece. If you are leaning more towards a contemporary design, a good material combination would be pale wood and metal. A slim tabletop will definitely take your design to the modern era, along with sleek lines, tapering legs, and sharp angles. On-trend styles include industrial and upcycled designs, which work best for relaxed interiors.


  • If you prefer a traditional look, go for warmer wood shades and chunkier leg designs. This will give your bespoke table a more relaxed period look. If you are buying your own wood, look for teak, which works well for these kinds for laidback and fuss free designs.


  • If it is a rustic look that you are going for, reclaimed wood with distressed finishes add up to a more ‘shabby chic’ feel. Like traditional designs, rustic style dining tables have chunky legs and thicker tabletops. Dark spaces will benefit from whitewash finishes, but if you have a bright dining room, darker woods will add more drama to your setup.


Space should also be a major consideration when drawing up a bespoke dining table design. If you have a tight area, choose reflective materials and light colors, which will help you create a more spacious look, at least visually. Circular configurations are also ideal for tighter spaces as they help maximize the area.

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