18 Jul

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Bedside Table for You

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Bedside tables add beauty and symmetry to the most important room of your home. Whilst they serve to complete the furnishings for the room as they potentially add to the elegance and sophistication of the decor, they also serve a highly utilitarian purpose. In making it simpler to place such things as glasses, books and bedside lamps, even the most beautifully crafted pieces do serve an important function.


When selecting bedside tables for home décor, there are a few important things to keep in mind. If enhancing a room’s beauty without sacrificing the utility of this particular type of furniture matters, consider these points before deciding on bedside tables for a room:


  • The room’s décor theme – For most people, finding the right style of bedside table to complement a room’s overall décor will be highly important. Bedside tables are available to suit almost any design theme. If the perfect piece cannot be readily found, bespoke furniture offers a distinct way to enjoy custom made works of art.


  • The sizing requirements – Bedside tables are meant to not only add beauty, but also utility. With that in mind, a table should be selected that is an appropriate size for the space. Generally, these tables flank either side of the bed adding symmetry by design. Going beyond the width and depth, do consider the height. For added night-time convenience, being able to reach the top of a bedside table from a high-set bedframe, for example, can be important.


  • The desired features – Bedside tables can vary greatly in the features offered in their designs. Some tables, for example, may offer surface space coupled with drawers or cabinets. These are outstanding to consider when keeping clutter to a minimum is desired. Sleek designs with a bottom shelf, however, also make eye-catching additions to a room.

Bedside tables are intended to add beauty and serviceability to a room. When both points are considered equally during the selection process, the perfect tables can be found. Should a very specific design be desired, bespoke furniture experts provide a way to transform vision for these pieces into reality.

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