18 Jul

Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing Wooden Blinds

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Whether the intent is to use them on their own or in concert with softer window treatments, such as drapes or valances, wooden blinds lend beauty and sophistication to any room. This distinct window covering also enhances privacy when desired while proving more complete coverage to block out the sun when desired. Selecting the right wooden blinds to enhance the beauty of a room’s décor, however, does involve a bit of a process.


If wooden blinds are designed to enhance beauty and privacy within a room, consider these things before making the final selection:


  • The appropriate size – Wooden blinds may be installed inside or outside window frames. Making the decision one which way to go, however, will prove critical for selecting the right size. Choosing to mount blinds inside the window’s frame may result in a cleaner look while enabling blinds to work more readily with drapes and other softer covers. It can also ensure that decorative frames remain visible. Going outside the frame offers an advantage of old, unsightly window frames need to be covered.


  • The style and sizing of the slats – Slats are available in many sizes and styles. When selecting wooden blinds, consider the size of the window. Smaller slats generally look better on smaller windows whereas larger slats can make bigger windows appear less busy. Vertical slats are only recommended for especially wide windows for visual appearances. They are ideal, for example, on sliding doors. Horizontal slats tend to be the most popular as a standard window treatment.


Beyond size and style considerations, wooden blinds should be selected to complement a room’s décor. Consider other wood finishes used in the room and select appropriate styles to match or contrast them. Wood blinds are considered distinct choices because they offer beauty that lasts whilst also providing much better protection from summer heat gain than synthetic options. That means wood blinds are likely to be the more energy-efficient choice. Should the perfect wooden blinds for a room not be readily available, consider custom ordering bespoke designs that are made especially for a customer’s size and décor requirements.

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