19 Jul

Tips for Easy Maintenance of Your Traditional Leather Sofas in UK

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Considered as the epitome and god of luxury, leather is a durable material that requires attention and care. If you love your leather sofa, better put some thought into maintaining it right. Here are some tips for easy maintenance of your traditional leather sofas in the UK.


Tip #1: Clean it right


Cleaning is often the most basic maintenance anything on this earth would need – so does leather. However, cleaning leather is a far more different and delicate process than one would imagine. The first step should be to clean your leather sofa dry by using a dust cloth. For better reach inside the creases of the sofa, you can use a vacuum cleaner with a soft-bristle attachment. This should remove the dry dust from your beautiful leather sofa. Next, take a damp cloth (dampened in distilled water) to carefully wipe your sofa. Any dust clinging on should come off with the damp cloth. Occasionally, you can use leather cleaners to do this.


Tip #2: Keep it soft


Leather contains some natural oils that have the tendency to dry up and leave the leather cracking and dry. Do not let this happen. Get a leather conditioning agents suitable for your sofa and condition it after cleaning. A dry leather cannot last as long as a moist one. Avoid caking your sofa in polish, though.


Tip #3: Contact elements

Too much sunlight, heat, moisture or cold can spoil your leather sofa before its lifespan. Make sure the positioning of your leather sofa is such that the elements of nature cannot do much harm to your asset.


Tip #4: Keep it shiny


Buffing is a method by which you can preserve the natural shine of your sofa, if it is not in matte finish. Use a soft cloth to buff your leather sofa periodically to prevent it from looking like a shriveled old grandpa.

The tips above should help you maintain your sofa right.

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