20 Jul

Types of Wood Used in Making Stylish Bedside Tables

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Whether you are shopping for ready-made designs or designing a custom bedside table piece, it pays to know the types of wood that can best withstand its functions and purposes. Bedside tables may not take the same wear and tear as kitchen and center tables, but they do require durability and stability. With thousands of wood species that you can choose from, below are the best materials you can consider for your bedside piece:


  • Oak – Oak is always a good choice of wood for home furniture especially for rich crafted bedside tables. It is strong and heavy and has a beautiful natural grain. It is commonly used for cabinetry, but it also makes excellent table furniture as it takes stains and finishes well. There are two oak varieties you will typically find in the market, namely, red oak and white oak, both of which are very well priced. Red and white oak complement other wood grains well. 


  • Reclaimed –Reclaimed, salvaged, or recycled wood might be a good option if you want to keep costs down. Apart from the price, reclaimed wood is also a good choice if you want a rustic look. Recycled wood is also much easier to work than most other types of wood, making it a good choice if you want to speed up production. 


  • Raw-edge – Raw-edge wood describes any type of wood that is raw or unfinished. They don’t typically come as milled planks as this type of wood are actually cut-offs from when mills create their 2x4s. raw-edge wood is a sustainable material choice and they make excellent pieces because of their organic feel.


Raw edge wood, however, can be difficult to source and find, and thus, a bit pricier. They are great for bedside tables, countertops, bars, and even dining and coffee tables. This is a good choice if you want a more organic looking piece for your room.

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