19 Jul

Few Unique Ideas for Decorating Your Round Marble Coffee Table

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Decorating a round marble coffee table is tough – like doing-a-1000-piece-puzzle-while-being-sedated level tough! Why? Because of its shape! You don’t have any lines or corners that you can take advantage of. You don’t have any easy way to achieve symmetry. AND because you have no idea of knowing how much is too much. Decorating a round marble coffee table is an art that isn’t easy to master. Here are a few fool-proof, unique ideas that you can use to masterfully adorn this tricky piece of furniture.


Few Books and Botanicals


For all those who dig symmetry, this arrangement lets you enjoy perfect synergy of angles, shapes and colors. Put three of your favorite books stacked on top of each other and a small table-top plant in a round pot. This arrangement lets you leave enough free room for your coffee mugs or snack plates and creates an uncomplicated look for the center of your room.


Round tray and a little clutter


Using a round tray (preferably of a smaller diameter and contrasting color than your round marble coffee table) lets you repeat circles and create cohesion. The circular tray can then be used to place all kinds of stuff like a shallow dish with glittery stones, a stubby vase with fresh, small flowers, a book or two or a bonsai plant. And you can scoop everything off and clear the table in one go – just pick up the tray and put it aside!


A Rectangular platter of stuff


This is an amazing way to break the pattern and bring some eclectic panache to your round marble coffee table. Make sure the tray is small and monochromatic and use it to place stylish candles, a smack round vase with or without flowers and a few coasters. And few books can be placed off-the-platter for added effect.


Follow any of these décor ideas to decorate your round marble coffee table and liven up your sitting area with your creativity!

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